Information for researchers

ColorectalScreen Norway provides large research opportunities. Through research integrated in the screening programme, we may generate new knowledge about bowel cancer and screening and thus find the best solutions for those who are offered screening. At the same time, it is important to ensure that research initiatives do not compromise screening participation or result in the voluntary offer of screening not being clearly understood. The steering group for ColorectalScreen Norway therefore wishes to be informed of all ongoing studies that include screening participants.

Researchers or research groups that have proposals for projects involving screening participants must apply for their own funding and necessary approvals. For retrospective research projects wishing to make use of already collected data, a request must be made to Kreftregisteret/ with the necessary pre-approvals.

Prospective studies in ColorectalScreen Norway

Researchers who have ideas for projects in ColorectalScreen Norway can contact the secretariat at the Cancer Registry for advice on the design of research ideas. The secretariat can also assist with a letter of recommendation to support funding applications.

Once a research project has secured funding and approvals, the researcher may ask for a statement of support from the steering group. The project must be described on a separate form submitted to the secretariat in

The steering group wants to stimulate research and support projects if these are feasible, and a possible impairment of screening participation can be avoided. Other factors that are emphasized are that concurrency conflicts with already ongoing projects are avoided (cooperation is encouraged when there is overlap), the project's time horizon and scope, cooperation between several health trusts and the possibility of reuse of data from other researchers.

Study participants

If researchers want to send information material about their study to screening participants at the same time as information material about the ColorectalScreen Norway or the iFOBT sampling kit is sent, then the researcher must contact the Section for Colorectal Cancer Screening at the Cancer Registry to ask if this is possible. If the researcher wishes to send information material along with the colonoscopy appointment (which will be sent directly from the health trusts), the relevant health trusts must be contacted. If information is to be sent separate from these distribution timeslots, the researcher must have access to information about screening participation and time. In this case, you must apply to Kreftregisteret/

Biobank material

Because biobank material from pathology departments is a limited resource, it is encouraged to contact other relevant research groups for reuse of data if possible.

Research projects in ColorectalScreen Norway

ColorectalScreen Norway has several planned or ongoing research projects, which you can read more about here.