Patient-Reported Feedback After Colonoscopy in the Bowel Screening Program (PROM)

An essential responsibility of the Cancer Registry is to monitor and ensure the quality of the Colorectal Screening Program at all levels, guaranteeing a safe and effective screening service for the population.
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The purpose of patient reporting in the Colorectal Screening Program

Colonoscopy is a procedure that can cause discomfort and complications for some individuals. Experiences during and after colonoscopy can therefore affect participation and thus the effectiveness of the screening offer. The purpose of monitoring this is to gain greater knowledge about patient experiences and complications associated with colonoscopy examination in the Colorectal Screening Program.

Participants' direct feedback is important as a basis for ongoing quality improvement and adjustments in the Colorectal screening program.

To assess patient experiences, two questionnaires are used for participants after they have undergone colonoscopy - one for completion the day after colonoscopy focusing on pain and experiences related to the examination itself, and another after 30 days with a specific focus on complications.

Voluntary participation and the option to withdraw consent

Participation in the survey is voluntary. You may withdraw your consent at any time and without providing any reason. This means that all information about you will be deleted from the survey unless the information is anonymized or included in already conducted analyses. Withdrawing consent will not have any consequences for any further follow-up in the specialist healthcare services.

If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can do so by visiting: or by sending a letter (postal address below). This only applies to the survey itself, not to participation in the screening program.

Postal address

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