Research in BreastScreen Norway

Research projects in BreastScreen Norway covers a wide range of topics. The overall aim is to increase our knowlegde about mammographic screening and improve the screening programme.

Last update 11 October 2019

A number of research projects are ongoing in BreastScreen Norway. Among these are:

Tomosynthesis - the future screening tool for breast cancer?

The tomosynthesis studies in Bergen, the To-Be studies, are aimed at investigating whether screening with digital breast tomosynthesis is a better screening tool than standard digital mammography for BreastScreen Norway. Read more about this project here.

Over- and underdiagnosis in BreastScreen Norway

A PhD project will investigate aspects of over- and underdiagnosis in BreastScreen Norway. The goal of the project is to add to what is known about the potential harms of mammographic screening. Read more about this project here.

Breast compression in BreastScreen Norway

This PhD-project focus on the radiographic issues of mammographic screening, and aims to investigate how breast compression is performed in clinical practice of breast cancer screening today. Read more about this project here.

Machine learning in BreastScreen Norway

- A research project aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of the national screening program – BreastScreen Norway - by combining automatic image analysis and radiological expertise. Read more about this project here.

How likely are benign breast disease and premalignant lesions to progress to invasive breast cancer?

This postdoc project will estimate the risk of developing invasive breast cancer among Norwegian women with prior benign breast disease or premalignant breast lesions, and study risk factors for progression. Read more about this project here.