Frequently Asked Questions

Family history of breast cancer?

If you suspect a genetic disposition for breast cancer in your family, you can receive guidance at the Department of Medical Genetics in your health region. Consult your doctor.

Previous breast cancer surgery?

If you have had breast cancer surgery and are included in a follow-up programme, you should continue to do so. When the follow-up period has been completed (up to ten years), you may participate in the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Programme again. If you have any questions, please contact the breast clinic closest to where you live.

Do you have breast implants?

Implants can make it more difficult both to take and read the mammograms. Therefore, women with breast implants are more likely to be called back for additional examinations.

How reliable is mammography screening?

Mammography does not detect all changes in the breasts. Breast cancer can also be found between two screening rounds. Therefore, if you discover any changes in your breasts, tell your doctor immediately so that you can be referred to the closest breast clinic, if necessary.