Two different tests

The methods that are tested most so far are the following: Hidden blood in the stool and telescopic examination with a thin, flexible sigmoidoscope in the lower part of the colon. The aim is now to find out which functions best in a future screening programme.                                                                                     

Screening for hidden blood is done every other year and flexible sigmoidoscopy (inspection of the lower part of the bowel with a soft, thin, flexible bowel telescope) is done only once during a ten year period. The first method can be done at home. However, sigmoidoscopy requires attendance at a screening centre, where a small enema must be given immediately preceding the examination.

Both methods are useful, but it is not clear which is best in a screening programme. We therefore wish to test out these two methods against one another in a pilot project. Those invited to participate in the pilot project will randomly be chosen for one or the other method. In order to find out which method will function best in a screening programme in Norway, it will not be possible to enrol or choose the screening method yourself, but participation is of course voluntary.