Covid-19 and BreastScreen Norway

You can find our information about the coronavirus pandemic and BreastScreen Norway on this page.
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Covid vaccines

The Covid 19 vaccines may, in 10-20% of women, cause swollen lymph nodes in the armpit and breast on the same side as the vaccine was given.

When attending screening, you mayl therefore be asked if you have taken a covid vaccine, including date of the vaccine, and in which arm the vaccine was placed. This information is helpful when doctors evaluate your mammograms, as swollen lymph nodes can also be a sign of breast cancer (Norwegian).

Delayed invitations

The delays in invitations that arose due to the corona virus pandemic, are now mainly made up. Exeption is Hordaland, where women must expect to be invited about four to five months later than the originally planned 24-months interval.  

If you are waiting for your FIRST invitation, click this link to find information about when to expect your invitation

If you notice a new lump or other signs of breast cancer, contact your doctor (fastlege). Do not wait for an invitation to screening.

General precautions

BreastScreen Norway urges you to follow advice from the local and national health authorities to prevent spreading covid-19. Read more about the coronavirus at and 

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We carry out thorough cleaning at the screening centers during the pandemic - here from the screening unit at Aker hospital in Oslo. Photo: Elisabeth Jakobsen, Cancer Registry of Norway.