Quality assurance and quality improvement

Quality assurance and quality improvement are among the most important tasks the Cancer Registry of Norway has in BreastScreen Norway. The goal is to provide the target group with a safe, effective and evidence-based screening program.
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The purpose of BreastScreen Norway is to detect and treat breast cancer at an early stage, so that treatment can be more gentle and fewer people die from the disease.

To achieve this, we must ensure that all our activities hold a high quality, and constantly work to further develop and improve the screening program in line with new knowledge and technology. 

The Regional Health Authorities have an independent responsibility for quality assurance and quality improvement of their activities, while the Cancer Registry of Norway, as a legally mandated health registry and in accordance with the Cancer Registry Regulations, is responsible for collecting and using information in BreastScreen Norway for research, quality assurance and quality improvement.

The Cancer Registry of Norway continuously work on a number of different quality assurance and quality improvement projects in BreastScreen Norway.

Among other things, the Cancer Registry of Norway carries out projects to ensure and improve the quality of radiographers' imaging technique and performance of screening examinations, the women's experience of the screening examination and the information they receive, the radiologists' results and efficiency in interpreting mammograms and pathologists' assessment of tissue samples related to BreastScreen Norway.

We also have several projects related to the use and follow-up of new technology, such as artificial intelligence, tomosynthesis and various tools for measuring mammographic density in the screening program.

One of the ongoing projects is called BERM: BEtter Radiography in Mammography screening. Read more about BERM here (in Norwegian).