Key numbers

Here you will find key numbers for BreastScreen Norway, including number of invitations, attendances and breast cancers detected.
Last updated:

Since its startup in 1995, BreastScreen Norway has sent out more than 6.7 million invitations, and performed about 5 million screening examinations of more than 1.2 million women. 

About 160,000 follow-up examinations have been carried out, and more than 28,000 breast cancers (5 000 DCIS and 23,500 invasive breast cancers) have been detected.

This corresponds to about 5.7 precancerous lesions and breast cancers being detected per 1000  screening examinations.


The report "BreastScreen Norway: 25 years of organized mammographic screening" published by the Cancer Registry of Norway in 2022, describes the program as of today and presents results from its 25 years of existence with particular focus on the last five years. You can access this report here (PDF).

The report "The Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program, 1996-2016: Celebrating 20 years of organised mammographic screening" published by the Cancer Registry of Norway in 2017, describes the program, its history and noteworthy developments, as well as results from early performance measures. This report also shares some insights into the quality assurance, program evaluation, and research activities associated with the program, as well as perspectives on the future development of breast cancer screening. You can access this report here (PDF).