About the population surveys

Every year, many Norwegians are diagnosed with cancer. Now we want to find out more about how cancer affects quality of life and self-perceived health among those who are affected.
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Every year there are more than 30,000 new cases of cancer in Norway.

Several of the patients have to undergo extensive treatment, and some experience late effects of such treatment for a long time afterwards. Some of the late effects are common health problems that people without cancer also experience.

We do not know enough about the prevalence of such health problems, or which groups in the population are hardest hit.

Therefore, we conduct surveys, where we ask both those who have been treated for certain types of cancer, and those who do not have such cancer, about how they feel.

Initially, we include the following types of cancer in our studies:

In the long term, other cancers will also be covered, and primarily those types of cancer that affect particularly many.

Results from the population survey are published in scientific journals. We also include some results in the Cancer Registry's annual reports, not least in the quality registries.

The hospitals thus gain valuable knowledge that can help improve cancer care and give patients a better quality of life and fewer ailments.