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Application and guidance on how to access data from the Cancer Registry of Norway

Using the common application form at you can request access health information from many different data sources.

The application form includes data sources managed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Cancer Registry.

Two guides have been developed to help you request access to Norwegian health data: One for the process of applying for personally identifiable information, the other for aggregated data (also known as statistics, tabular data, etc.)

NB If you want to apply for personally identifiable data and you don`t have an Norwegian electronic ID, you will have to use the Cancer registrys application form

All inquiries to and deliveries from the Cancer Registry are logged (ref. Cancer Registry Regulations § 3-8)

Other sources

Statistics and tabular data from the Cancer Registry of Norway can aslo be found using the statistics bank or in our yearly publication Cancer in Norway.

NORDCAN provides comparable cancer statistics for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

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