Data and statistics

Here you will find the Cancer Registry of Norway's dynamic statistics bank, as well as information on where to find more data and statistics about cancer.

Statistics Bank

The Cancer Registry's of Norway's statistics bank contains statistics on cancer in Norway up to and including the latest available year of diagnosis. The statistics can be broken down by various factors such as different diagnostic groups, gender, age groups, periods, and geographical units. The statistics bank consists of various statistics:

The time it takes for the results to appear depends on the choices you have made in the query. The more choices/groupings, the longer it will take for the results to appear. All statistics displayed in the solution are anonymous.


The Cancer Registry of Norway's metadata – ELVIS (Electronic List of Variables In Systems) contains information about the Cancer Registry of Norway's data content.

You can search for information about a specific variable, see which variables are available for different categories (e.g., diagnosis or treatment), or see which variables are available for specific cancer types or in the cancer specific medical quality registries.

You can also create a variable list that can be downloaded, download value sets/codebooks, or apply for data delivery from the Janus Serum Bank.


Cancer in Norway

The Cancer Registry of Norway publishes annually Cancer in Norway, which contains incidence, prevalence, relative survival and mortality for cancer in Norway. Here you will find a variety of ready-made tables and figures that can be freely used.

Medical quality Registries

The Cancer Registry of Norway administrates nine medical quality registries, and each registry publishes reports every autumn containing statistics at the company level.

All the national medical quality registries also publish results on a separate aggregate page.

Data delivery from the Cancer Registry of Norway

If you are looking for statistics that are not published in Cancer in Norway, the annual reports from the quality registries, the Cancer Registry of Norway's statistics bank, or any of the other sources mentioned above, you can apply to have this data delivered through the Cancer Registry of Norway's Data Delivery Unit. Questions or feedback regarding errors or deficiencies can be directed to

For health trusts

In addition to this, the Cancer Registry of Norway offers administrative and clinical statistics for institutions that report to the registry, which are available through login to KREMT (Cancer Registry's Electronic Reporting Service).

Other tools

Kreftlex provides a wealth of information about cancer diseases, and the statistics displayed are sourced from the Cancer Registry. The pages are developed by the Institute of Cancer Genetics and Informatics at Oslo University Hospital.

Incidence, survival, and mortality for all the Nordic countries are displayed in NORDCAN, with the Norwegian data provided by the Cancer Registry of Norway.

For statistics on cancer incidence worldwide, Globocan (Cancer Today) from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) are valuable tools.

Here you can get an overview of the distribution of different types of cancer, as well as the cancer distribution by different countries and areas in the world.

Sources and tools