Norwegian Melanoma Registry

3126 Norwegians were diagnosed with melanoma in 2023. New medical treatment of this patient group with metastasis of melanoma appears to have a long-lasting effect.
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The Norwegian Melanoma Registry was established in 2008 through a collaboration between the Cancer Registry of Norway and the Norwegian Melanoma Group. The registry was granted national status in 2013, and is intended to help ensure that assessment and treatment take place within recommended limits and deadlines. At the same time, the register can also identify areas that need improvement measures.

The quality registry shall also conduct, promote and provide a basis for research to develop new knowledge about the causes, diagnosis and course of cancer, as well as treatment effects.

The Norwegian Melanoma Registry contains detailed information on all cases of melanoma of the skin (ICD10 C43) and melanoma of the eye (C69), as well as melanoma of other organs (e.g. mucous membranes).

Information about melanoma on the Norwegian Cancer Society's website.

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Registration to the register

Registration of clinical information to the Norwegian Melanoma Registry is done electronically via KREMT on the Norwegian Health Network. KREMT has functions to make the work of reporting easier. 

Reminders for missing messages and receipts for submitted messages are available in the KREMT portal. It is also possible to cache forms.

To encourage reporting, administrative and clinical statistics have been compiled that provide hospitals with updated results for their unit. These statistics are updated daily. 

Degree of coverage and data quality

Patient group

The registry contains detailed information on all cases of melanoma of the skin (ICD10 C43) and melanoma of the eye (ICD10 C69), as well as melanoma of other organs. 

The registry collects information from the assessment, treatment and follow-up of this patient group.

Melanoma is treated with surgery, radiation therapy and/or drug therapy.

Quality objectives

Treating devices

Most melanoma patients are assessed and treated in the primary health service, and are followed up by the specialist health service. All doctors who provide health care to patients with melanoma are obliged to report to the Cancer Registry, which includes the Norwegian Melanoma Registry.