The Professional Council of the Quality Registers

All quality registries at the Cancer Registry of Norway must have a professional council. The Professional Council is an advisory body for the Cancer Registry.
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The purpose of the advisory council is to ensure access to up-to-date medical knowledge in order to underpin the clinical relevance and strength of the qualification registry.

  • The members of the Academic Council must be professionals in the fields that investigate, treat and follow up patients with the type of cancer in question or conduct research in epidemiology/statistics
  • The composition of the academic council shall reflect that the cooperation is national
  • The professional council shall have members from all health regions and distributed among different health institutions
  • The Cancer Registry of Norway has at least two members in the professional council, including one management representative and one with epidemiological/statistical expertise

Statutes (Norwegian only)

Guidelines for cooperation between the Cancer Registry of Norway and the Professional Council of the Quality Registries (Norwegian only)