The Advisory Council of the Pancreatic Register

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Professional management of the register is done in close cooperation with the quality register's working group. The working group for the quality registry for pancreatic cancer consists of oncologists, surgeons and pathologists who are members of the NGICG-HPB (Norwegian
Gastrointerstinal Cancer Group). 

The Cancer Registry of Norway is responsible for data processing and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the quality registry. The quality register manager is Marte Nyløvold Haneborg.

Chair of the working group

Hanne Hamre, oncologist, Akershus University Hospital

Members of the working group

  • Hanne Hamre – Akershus University Hospital (leader)
  • Kristoffer Lassen – OUS Rikshospitalet
  • Knut Jørgen Labori – OUS Rikshospitalet
  • Caroline Sophie Verbeke – OUS, YWAM
  • Inger Marie Løes – Haukeland University Hospital
  • Linn Nymo – UNN Tromsø
  • Bjørn Møller (lead representative, Cancer Registry)
  • Tor Åge Myklebust (statistician, Cancer Registry)
  • Marte Nyløvold Haneborg (Quality Registry Manager, Cancer Registry)