Norwegian Pancreatic Cancer Registry

The majority of patients with pancreatic cancer cannot undergo surgery either because of metastasis, locally advanced disease or high age. For those who have undergone surgery, survival has increased.
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In December 2019, the Norwegian Cancer Society gave money to develop and operate a quality registry for pancreatic cancer, with a framework of three years. The project period has now been extended to June 2024. This is the third edition of the annual report for pancreatic cancer. (Norwegian only)

The Norwegian Pancreatic Cancer Registry shall contribute to strengthening the quality of health care for patients with pancreatic cancer. The registry shall also conduct, promote and provide a basis for research to develop new knowledge about the causes, course of the disease and the effect of the treatment provided.

From 1990 until 2021, there has been a stable incidence of pancreatic cancer in Norway for both sexes and all age groups, but with a slight increase for both men and woman over 65 years.1026 people were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2022. Of these, 67 were identified with neuroendocrine neoplasms and are not included in the registry. The annual report includes patients with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.

Assessment of pancreatic cancer is performed locally, and pancreatic cancer surgery is centralised to Oslo University Hospital, Stavanger Unitersity Hospital, Haukeland University Hospital, St. Olav Hospital and UNN Tromsø. 

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Information about pancreatic cancer on the Cancer Society's website.

Registration to the register

Registration of clinical information to the Norwegian Pancreatic Cancer Registry is done electronically via KREMT on the Norwegian Health Network. KREMT has functions to make the work with reporting easier.

Reminders for missing messages and receipts for submitted messages are available in the KREMT portal. It is also possible to cache forms.

To encourage reporting, administrative and clinical statistics have been compiled that provide hospitals with updated results for their unit. These statistics are updated daily.

Degree of coverage and data quality

Patient group

The registry contains detailed information on all cases of pancreatic cancer and information from the assessment, treatment and follow-up of this patient group.

Pancreatic cancer is treated with surgery, chemotherapy and in few cases radiation therapy.

Treating devices

Patients with pancreatic cancer are assessed, treated and followed up by both the primary health service and the specialist health service. All doctors who provide health care to this patient group are obliged to report to the Cancer Registry, which includes the Norwegian Pancreatic Cancer Registry.