Academic Council

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The advisory board of the Quality Registry for Cancer of the Oesophagus and Stomach is multidisciplinary composed of four surgeons, five oncologists, a gastroenterologist (medication), a radiologist, a pathologist and three representatives from the Cancer Registry. All health regions are represented in the professional council. This representation is important to ensure that the registry has a solid national foundation among those engaged in the treatment of patients with cancer of the oesophagus and stomach.

Chairman of the Academic Council

Eirik Kjus Aahlin, surgeon at the University Hospital of North Norway, Tromsø

Members of the Advisory Council for Cancer of the Esophagus and Stomach 

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Geir Olav Hjortland, oncologist, Oslo University Hospital
Truls Hauge, gastroenterologist, Oslo University Hospital
Ghazwan Al-Haidari, oncologist, Oslo University Hospital Neena Theresa Kumar, pathologist, Oslo University Hospital Tom Mala, surgeon, Oslo University Hospital                                              

Western Norway Regional Health Authority:

Kjell Kåre Øvrebø, surgeon, Haukeland University Hospital Bente Kristin Abelseth, oncologist, Haukeland University Hospital

Helse Midt:

Ingunn Hatlevoll, oncologist, St. Olavs Hospital Henning Hellan, radiologist, St. Olavs Hospital 

Lars Cato Rekstad, surgeon, St. Olavs Hospital

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Eirik Kjus Aahlin, surgeon, UNN Tromsø
Helge Stenvold, oncologist, UNN Tromsø

The Cancer Registry:

Ingunn Aune, Quality Registry Manager
Liv Marit Dørum, head of the quality registers Inger Kristin Larsen, management representative, researcher Simen Breivik, statistician