Norwegian Prostate Cancer Registry

A total of 5490 people were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2022. Results from this year's report show that Norwegian men generally receive equal and good diagnostics and treatment for their cancer.
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The National Programme for Prostate Cancer (NPPC) was launched in 2003, and the Norwegian Prostate Cancer Registry was granted national status in 2009. 

The Cancer Registry of Norway is responsible for data processing and works together with the professional community to develop the registry.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in Norway. In recent years, around 5,000 new cases of prostate cancer have been diagnosed each year.

The Norwegian Prostate Cancer Registry shall contribute to strengthening the quality of the health care provided to patients with prostate cancer. The registry shall also conduct, promote and provide a basis for research to develop new knowledge about the causes, diagnosis and course of cancer, as well as treatment effects.

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Registration to the register

Registration of clinical information to the Norwegian Prostate Cancer Registry is done electronically via KREMT on the Norwegian Health Network. KREMT has functions to make the work of reporting easier. 

Reminders for missing messages and receipts for submitted messages are available in the KREMT portal. It is also possible to cache forms.

To encourage reporting, administrative and clinical statistics have been compiled that provide hospitals with updated results for their unit. These statistics are updated daily.

Degree of coverage and data quality

Patient group

The registry contains detailed information on all cases of prostate cancer (ICD10: C61), as well as information from assessment and treatment of this patient group. Prostate cancer is treated with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Quality objectives

Treating devices

Prostate cancer patients are assessed, treated and followed up in both the primary and specialist health services. All doctors who provide health care to patients with prostate cancer are obliged to report to the Cancer Registry, which includes the Norwegian Prostate Cancer Registry. 

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