Advisory Council of the National Registry of Lymphoid Malignancies

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Professional management of the register is done in close cooperation with the academic council. The advisory board for the National Quality Registry for Lymphoid Malignancies consists of oncologists, pathologists and haematologists from all over Norway. Unn-Merete Fagerli chairs the academic council.

Chairman of the Academic Council

Unn-Merete Fagerli, oncologist, St. Olavs hospital

Members of the Academic Council 

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Martin Maisenhölder, oncologist, University Hospital of North Norway Anders Vik, oncologist, University Hospital of North Norway 

Helse Midt:

Unn-Merete Fagerli, oncologist, St. Olavs Hospital Petter Quist-Paulsen, oncologist, St. Olavs hospital

Western Norway Regional Health Authority:

Lars Helgeland, pathologist, Haukeland University Hospital
Turid Løkeland, oncologist, Haukeland University Hospital Nita Moore, haematologist, Stavanger University Hospital

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Alexander Fosså, oncologist, OUS Radium Hospital
Geir Tjønnfjord, hematologist, OUS Rikshospitalet
Fredrik Schjesvold, hematologist, OUS Rikshospitalet Maria Adele Mastroianni, Akershus University Hospital

The Cancer Registry:

Lise Enerstvedt, Quality Registry Manager
Tom Børge Johannesen, management representative Marianne Brenn Jerm, statistician