The Lung Cancer Registry's Advisory Council

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Professional management of the Lung Cancer Registry is done in close cooperation with the Academic Council. The professional council consists of pulmonary doctors, oncologists, surgeons as well as a pathologist, from all over the country.

Chairman of the Academic Council

Lars Fjellbirkeland, senior physician, associate professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine-HLK,  Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet

Members of the Professional Council for Lung Cancer 

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Lars Fjellbirkeland, senior physician pulmonary medicine, OUS Rikshospitalet

Steinar Kristian Solberg, senior physician thoracic surgery, OUS Rikshospitalet

Åslaug Helland, senior physician oncology, OUS Radium Hospital

Helse Midt:

Sissel Gyrid Freim Wahl, senior physician in pathology, St. Olavs Hospital

Per Magnus Haram, senior physician thoracic surgery, St. Olavs Hospital

Haakon Olav Leira, senior physician pulmonary medicine, St. Olavs Hospital

Western Norway Regional Health Authority:

Martin Petersen, senior physician, Stavanger University Hospital

Marianne Aanerud, senior physician, Haukeland University Hospital

Pirjo-Riitta Salminen, senior physician, Haukeland University Hospital

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Nina Helbekkmo, senior physician oncology, UNN Tromsø

Marit Bjørnå Wilskow, senior physician pulmonary medicine, Nordland Hospital Bodø

The Cancer Registry:

Bjørn Møller, Head of Department

Tom K. Grimsrud, researcher

Yngvar Nilssen, statistician

Ingeborg Våg, Quality Register Manager