Gynecological Cancer Registry's Advisory Council

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Professional management of the Gyn Cancer Registry is done in close cooperation with the professional council and the professional communities at the regional hospitals. The professional council has representatives from all health regions and consists of eleven gynaecologists and a pathologist. There are also four representatives from the Cancer Registry. Torbjørn Paulsen at Oslo
University Hospital, the Norwegian Radium Hospital chairs the professional council.

Chairman of the Academic Council

Torbjørn Paulsen, senior consultant gynaecology and obstetrics, Oslo University Hospital

Members of the Academic Council 

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Torbjørn Paulsen, Oslo University Hospital, Norwegian Radium Hospital
Anne Dørum, Oslo University Hospital, Norwegian Radium Hospital
Kristina Lindemann, Oslo University Hospital, Norwegian Radium Hospital
Ingvild Vistad, Sørlandet Hospital, Kristiansand Tone Skeie-Jensen, Oslo University Hospital, Norwegian Radium Hospital/head of NFGO

Western Norway Regional Health Authority:

Kathrine Woie, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen Elisabeth Berge Nilsen, Stavanger University Hospital                           

Helse Midt:

Marit Sundset, St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim Ellen Veronika Vesterfjell, St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim        Christina  Margarete Duwe, Helse Møre og Romsdal, Ålesund Hospital
Ingrid Baasland, Baasland Clinic and NTNU/Cancer Registry of Norway

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Anne Marie Hansson, University Hospital of North Norway, Tromsø

The Cancer Registry:

Øystein Lund Carlsen, quality register manager Ann Helen Seglem, management representative                Hilde Langseth, researcher Sigrid Leithe, statistician