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Every year, more than 4,000 new patients are diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The proportion of patients who survive the disease remains stable and indicates that treatment is good.
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The incidence of colorectal cancer has doubled in the last 50 years for both women and men. However, the number of people who survive or live longer with both colorectal cancer has increased in recent decades. In 2022, 3385 people got colon cancer and 1267 people got rectal cancer.

People diagnosed with colorectal cancer (ICD10 code: C18, C19 and C20) in Norway are included in the Colorectal Cancer Registry. Adenocarcinomas constitute the main group of all colorectal tumours. The other groups of tumours also included in the registry are: carcinoid (neuroendocrine carcinomas) and other types of carcinomas.

The National Colorectal Cancer Registry has existed since 2007, when the Rectal Cancer Registry was expanded to include colorectal cancer. The Cancer Registry of Norway is responsible for data processing. The Norwegian Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Group Colorectal (NGICG-CR) is the advisory board for the National Quality Registry for Colorectal Cancer. The register was granted national status in 2009.

The expert group in the registry is also responsible for the national guidelines for persons with small bowel cancer and cancer. Although these patient groups are not included in the annual report from the registry, cancer will be reported on the same clinical reporting form as colorectal cancer following the revision of the form at the end of 2022. There is a need to increase the data before separate analyses of cancer can be published.

The Colorectal Cancer Registry shall contribute to strengthening the quality of the health care provided to patients. The registry shall also conduct, promote and provide a basis for research to develop new knowledge about the causes, diagnosis and course of cancer, as well as treatment effects.

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Registration to the register

Registration of clinical information to the National Colorectal Cancer Registry is done electronically via KREMT on the Norwegian Health Network. KREMT has functions to make the work of reporting easier. 

Reminders for missing messages and receipts for submitted messages are available in the KREMT portal. It is also possible to cache forms.

To encourage reporting, administrative and clinical statistics have been compiled that provide hospitals with updated results for their unit. These statistics are updated daily.

Degree of coverage and data quality

Patient group

The registry contains detailed information on all cases of colorectal cancer (ICD10: C18 - C20) and information from assessment, treatment and follow-up of this patient group. This group of cancers is treated primarily with surgery, but also with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

Quality objectives

Treating devices

Patients with colorectal cancer are assessed, treated and followed up by both the primary health service and the specialist health service. All doctors who provide health care to this patient group are obliged to report to the Cancer Registry, which includes the Colorectal Cancer Registry. 

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