The Norwegian Childhood Cancer Registry's advisory board

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The Advisory Council for the National Quality Registry for Paediatric Cancer consists of paediatricians, surgeons and pathologists from all health regions working with cancer and blood diseases in children. Senior consultant and head of KSSB, Maria Winther Gunnes, chairs the professional council. 

Chairman of the Academic Council

Maria Winther Gunnes, senior consultant, Oslo University Hospital

Members of the Advisory Council of the Childhood Cancer Registry

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Maria Winther Gunnes, OUS 
Bernt Johan Due-Tønnessen, OUS
Anne Grete Bechensteen, OUS
Kristin Bjørnland, OUS

Western Norway Regional Health Authority:

Dorota Malgorzata Wojcik, HOUSE
Hans Kristian Haugland, HUS

Helse Midt:

Bendik Lund, St. Olavs Hospital

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Simon Kranz, UNN
Ole Mikal Wormdal, UNN

The Cancer Registry:

Aina Helen Dahlen, Quality Registry Manager
Ann Helen Seglem, management representative Mads Kristian Rohde, statistician

The Norwegian Childhood Cancer Society:

Anne Høydal, user representative