The Breast Cancer Registry's Professional Council

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Professional management of the Breast Cancer Registry is done in close cooperation with the Academic Council. The professional council consists of radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and oncologists from all the health trusts.

Chairman of the Academic Council

Helle Skjerven, breast and endocrine surgeon, Vestre Viken, Drammen

Members of the Breast Cancer Registry of Norway

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Helle Skjerven, surgeon, Vestre Viken, Drammen

Bjørn Naume, oncologist, Oslo University Hospital

Kristin Reinertsen, oncologist, Oslo University Hospital

Ellen Schlichting, surgeon, Oslo University Hospital

Hilde Bjørndal, radiologist, Vestre Viken, Drammen 

Jon Lømo, pathologist, Oslo University Hospital

Pål Suhrke, pathologist, Vestfold Hospital, Tønsberg

Western Norway Regional Health Authority:

Sindre Molvær, oncologist, Haukeland University Hospital

Anette Heie, surgeon, Haukeland University Hospital

Lars A. Akslen, pathologist, Haukeland University Hospital

Bodil Styr, radiologist, Stavanger University Hospital

Helse Midt:

Solveig Helene Aalmo Hoff, oncologist, St. Olavs Hospital

Mie Cappelen Skovholt, surgeon, St. Olavs hospital

Marianne Brekke, pathologist, St. Olavs Hospital

Solveig Roth Hoff, radiologist, Helse Møre og Romsdal, Ålesund

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority:

Egil Blix, oncologist, Nordland Hospital Bodø

Marit H. Hansen, surgeon, University Hospital of North Norway

Elin Mortensen, pathologist, University Hospital of North Norway

Heinrich Backmann, radiologist, Nordland Hospital Bodø

The Cancer Registry:

Jan F. Nygård, epidemiologist 

Johanne Jerven Hestad, management representative

Solveig Hofvind, head of the Mammography Programme

Cassie Trewin-Nybråten, statistician

Kjersti Østby, Quality Registry Manager