KREMT helpdesk

Common errors and suggested solutions

I can't access the KREMT page

- Check if your PC is connected to the Norwegian Health Network
- Check that the address is entered correctly:
- If you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, try using a different browser (Mozilla Firefox or Opera). This is especially true in the Western Norway Regional Health Authority
- Try the address
- Try the address (simple version of KREMT)

If this does not solve the problem - contact the KREMT helpdesk.

Please also contact the KREMT helpdesk if you only have access to the simple version of KREMT.

I do not have a username and password

You will receive a username and password from the Cancer Registry. Send us an email and remember to write which healthcare facility you are reporting to.

Access cannot be accessed when using the ID portal

You must be authorised by the Cancer Registry of Norway before the ID portal can provide access to the relevant functionality of KREMT. Applications for authorization are made in the KREMT portal. Select "Register new user" during the login to KREMT. You will also get a link to "Register new user" when you try to use functions you do not have access to. More information about the various accesses can be found in the application form itself.  

I can't log in

- Try the address
- Check that you have entered the correct username and password. It is important that \ is the right way. If the password contains the character '0', this is always the number 0, not the letter 'O'
- If you have a login window where you are only asked for a password, select: "log in as another user" so that you have the opportunity to enter both the username and password you have received from the Cancer Registry of Norway

If this does not solve the problem - contact the KREMT helpdesk.

Unable to submit completed form

Check that all fields are filled in. The fields are mandatory, and a small red asterisk (*) is marked on the missing form with a small red asterisk (*). These can be a little hard to see.

Please contact the KREMT helpdesk if you have filled in all fields but still cannot submit your message.

I can't receive a one-time code

To receive a one-time code, you must use the e-mail address you have at the health institution you are logged in to KREMT from. The use of hotmail, gmail, online and similar email domains is not allowed.

If you are not sent a one-time code even though you are using the correct e-mail address, try to log out and enter KREMT again via address.

If you still do not receive a one-time code, contact the KREMT helpdesk.