Further development in KREMT

The Cancer Registry of Norway works continuously to make the KREMT solution more user-friendly. Here is an overview of some of the projects.

Access to own information registered via KREMT

The Cancer Registry Regulations currently prevent us from offering the health enterprises access to the information they themselves have registered via KREMT. The only things available in KREMT today are receipts containing information about which patient information has been submitted, who sent the message, when it was sent and which type of cancer/form has been submitted.

With a data processing agreement between the health enterprise/health institution and the Cancer Registry, we can provide access to the information each institution has registered via KREMT. Initially, the institutions will receive this on a CD/DVD, but eventually we want this information to go directly via the Norwegian Health Network to those who register.

For more information about data processing agreements, please contact Johanne Gulbrandsen (johanne.gulbrandsen@kreftregisteret.no).

More analyses for clinical statistics

From 1 February 2016, all users of KREMT had access to clinical statistics for their own patients compared to figures for the entire country. The analyses are initially based solely on the assessment and surgery reports.

We work together with the reference groups for the various quality registries to establish more analyses.