Functionality in KREMT

The portal version of KREMT includes more functionality than just reporting clinical information. For example, did you know that you have access to clinical statistics about your own patients – based on what your healthcare institution has reported?

Register new message

Under the tab "Register new report" you will find all forms for reporting clinical information. Select the correct form from the menu on the left, and then follow the instructions. For most forms, you must choose which part of the disease course you should report for (assessment, surgery, treatment) and whether the treatment is aimed at the primary tumour, local recurrence or metastases.

After the message has been filled out and submitted, you have the opportunity to view the completed message and print it - either to a file that can be stored in your system or to a paper stamp that can be scanned into the EHR. For documentation purposes, it should be sufficient to only document in the EHR that the notification has been sent (e.g. the information found under "Our receipts"), so it is up to each health institution whether they also wish to have a copy of the notification itself.

Under the tab "Help" you will find more specific information about each notification form.

Missing cancer reports

Under the tab "Missing cancer reports" you will find an overview of patients at your health institution where parts of the disease course have not been reported by a clinician. This overview replaces reminder lists previously sent out by the Cancer Registry of Norway on paper or as Excel files.

To access the patient list, you must be an authorized user with access to see missing messages (contact the KREMT helpdesk if you want authorization). An additional login is done via BankID for mobile or MinID. It is only the first time you request access to the tab after login that you have to log in via the ID portal of the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi). After logging in, you must choose which department or type of cancer you want to see patient lists for and why you should have access to this information. Please note that it may take up to three minutes to display the list in the portal - depending on how many patients there are on the list and how fast your network is.

The Cancer Registry of Norway logs activity in the function "Missing messages". This applies, among other things, to the choices made for displaying patient lists. The log is made available to each health institution.

If you double-click on a row, you'll see more information about the reminder. You will then also have the opportunity to submit a form for the patient or reject the reminder. The entry disappears from the list immediately. The national identity number and name are automatically filled in in the message.

Our receipts

Under the tab "Our receipts" you will find a receipt for all notification forms submitted electronically during the last three months. Access to this tab is regulated in the same way as for "Missing cancer reports" (via Difi's ID portal), but you do not need to log in again if you have already gained access to the reminder list. However, you must make choices for which department or type of cancer you want to see receipts for, and specify why you want access to this information. The information is logged.

The receipts contain the information needed to document in the EHR that notification has been sent to the Cancer Registry. It is possible to search for a national identity number by entering the national identity number in the field just below "National identity number" - where it says "Show all". Double-clicking on a row brings up a window with summarized information from the receipt. This can be printed (to file or paper), or you can copy the text and paste it into an EHR document.

Temporarily stored messages

Under the tab "Temporarily saved messages" you will find messages that are temporarily stored for your healthcare institution. You can search for reports based on type of cancer, department or reporter's name and continue filling in for several stages before the notification is sent to the Cancer Registry.

Temporary storage is done by pressing the button "Save temporarily" in the notification form.

Access to temporary storage requires that your health institution has a data processing agreement with the Cancer Registry. You will find contact information for this on the right side of the page. Access to this tab is regulated in the same way as for "Missing cancer reports and "Receipts"" (via Difi's ID portal)

Administrative statistics

Under the tab "Administrative statistics" you will find an overview of reporting from your health institution, i.e. all reporting done from the username you are logged in with. You can get graphs and figures based on the time of reporting or based on the time of the incident (time of diagnosis/treatment/control).

You can view total statistics for your healthcare facility or for specific cancers. The results can be exported to an image file or a pdf document, or you can download an Excel file with the numbers behind the graphs.


Here you can see selected statistics and operational reports for the various types of cancer. When choosing a type of cancer, current operational reports are displayed, as well as statistics for missing reports, submitted reports and the reporting rate for the type of cancer. 

Reporting rate

Here you can see the reporting rate to the Cancer Registry's quality registries for all health institutions, health enterprises and health regions in Norway.

Clinical statistics

Under the tab "Clinical statistics" you will find a graphical representation of the clinical information your healthcare institution has submitted electronically, compared to the corresponding information for the country as a whole. Examples of statistics that can be displayed are age distribution, postoperative complications, types of surgery or stage distribution for your patients. The analyses are grouped by type of cancer.

The data basis for the clinical statistics is updated every night. This means that clinical information you submit electronically today will be included in the statistics tomorrow.

You can find more information about the functionality for clinical statistics in the portal under the tab "Help".


Under the tab "Help" you will find information about the various notification forms and about the functionality of KREMT.