Billing procedures

Customising and delivery of data are billed at an hourly rate of 1155 NOK + VAT. from January 1st 2024. There are some exceptions if the assignment takes less than ten work hours.

Time estimates and billing for different types of data

DataFeeMinimum billingTime estimate*
Tabular data No fee under 3 hrs. None  

De-identified Cancer Registry data

Hourly fee 10 hrs. 10-20 hrs.

Cancer Registry data linked to other data sources

Hourly fee 10 hrs. 15-30 hrs.

*The time estimate is meant as a guidance only. The actual number of hours is dependent on the complexity of the extraction, the amount of work involved in coordinating with the other registries, the quality of the received data and the clarity of the application.

Exceptions from billing

  • Media
  • Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Members of the reference group in the clinical registries
  • International organisations that the Cancer Registry of Norway colaborates with