Clinical Registries

The Statutory Regulations for the Cancer Registry of Norway include the registration of treatment and follow-up of Norwegian cancer patients. Clinical registries – comprehensive registration schemes dedicated to specific cancers – have been established to include detailed information on diagnostic measures, therapy, and follow-up. By fostering strong collaborative links with the clinical community, the aims are to provide an empirical base for scientific studies concerning prognostic factors and treatment outcomes as well as evaluation of quality of cancer care.

The ongoing and expanding activities of these clinical registries is a major focus for the Registry, and several clinical registries are now established. Each clinical register is underpinned by a Reference Group, a panel of multi-disciplinary experts drawn from the clinical and research milieu in Norway, whose remit is to advise on the operations of the registry, and its strategic direction. These newly-established clinical registries will be integrated into the Registry’s coding and registration activities.

Clinical registries at the Cancer Registry of Norway

  • Norwegian Colorectal Cancer Registry
  • Norwegian Childhood Cancer Registry
  • Norwegian Prostate Cancer Registry
  • Norwegian registry of Lymphoid Malignancies
  • Norwegian Melanoma Registry
  • Norwegian Lung Cancer Registry
  • Norwegian Gynecological Cancer Registry
  • Norwegian Breast Cancer Registry
  • Clinical registry of oesophagus and ventricular cancer
  • Hereditary cancer (especially polyposis)