Cancer Statistics

On this page you can download tables and overviews of cancer statistics in Norway.

Last updated: 29.10.2018

The data and tables are based on the publication Cancer in Norway 2017.

Cancer in Norway is a report published by the Cancer Registry of Norway annually. The report gives an overview of the state of cancer burden in Norway.

The Cancer Registry of Norway is working on improving the statistics provided online.

Until the new webpages for statistics is published, we can assist in finding numbers, statistics and data in the following ways:

Cancer in Norway

This is the annual publication, showing the picture of cancer burden in Norway. Cancer in Norway 2017 is the last edition with complete data.

Department of Communication

Communication advisor and media contact Elisabeth Jakobsen (phone number +47 906 93 521) may assist finding numbers and statistics.

The Data Delivery Unit

The Data Delivery Unit can assist in more complex data extraction. Read more about how to order adjusted information and data delivery from the Data Delivery Unit at the Cancer Registry of Norway.


The Nordic Cancer Registries cooperates to provide online statistics and data in the Nordic countries. The Norwegian data on this webpage is provided by the Cancer Registry of Norway.

Nordcan's currently last edition is from 2015.