On these pages you can find figures, statistics and main features of development for different types of cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Norway, while among women there are most cases of breast cancer.

Of cancers that affect both sexes, colorectal cancer occurs most frequently, followed by lung cancer.

See key figures and an overview of the most common cancers here.

Cancer incidence for various types of cancer

Breast cancer


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. 4224 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022, which is the highest number the Cancer Registry has ever reported.

Cancer of the esophagus and stomach


857 people were diagnosed with esophageal cancer or stomach cancer in 2022. The diseases are more common for men than for women.

Cervical cancer


302 women in Norway contracted cervical cancer in 2022. This type of cancer occurs most frequently at the age of 30 and 40, but can be prevented with screening and vaccines.

Childhood cancer


In 2022, there were 210 new cases of childhood cancer in Norway. Long-term survival after treatment for cancer in children and adolescents is very good.

Bowel cancer


Norway is one of the countries in the world with the highest incidence of colorectal cancer, but the survival rate for colorectal cancer patients is increasing. 4745 people in Norway got colorectal cancer in 2022.



Leukemia (blood cancer) has an increasing survival rate, which can be attributed to increased use of chemoimmunotherapy. The incidence of leukemia is stable, in 2022, 1302 people in Norway were diagnosed.

Lung cancer


3534 new cases of lung cancer (lung/trachea) have been recorded in 2022. The number of residents living with a diagnosis of lung cancer has tripled over the past twenty years.



1235 new cases of lymphoma (lymphoma) were recorded in 2022. For several of the major subgroups, there has been a solid improvement in 5-year relative survival over the past 15 years.



There have been 2911 new cases of melanoma recorded in Norway in 2022. That's a significant increase of about 20 percent in the number of skin melanomas from 2021 to 2022.

Ovarian cancer


In 2022, 506 women in Norway got ovarian cancer. The incidence has decreased in recent years for women between 50 and 69 years, and mortality has fallen for all age groups over the past 40 years.

Pancreatic cancer


From 1990 until 2021, there has been a stable incidence of pancreatic cancer in Norway for both sexes and all age groups, but with a slight increase for both men and woman over 65 years. 1026 new cases of this cancer have been recorded in 2022.

Prostate cancer


Cancer of the prostate is the most common cancer among men in Norway. Annually, about 5000 people receive this diagnosis.



Sarcoma is a rare cancer and accounts for approximately 1 % of all diagnosed cancer cases in Europe. In 2022, 562 new cases of sarcoma were recorded in Norway.

Tumors of the central nervous system


In Norway, approximately 1,000 new primary tumors are diagnosed annually in the brain, spinal cord, meninges, cranial nerves or pituitary gland, accounting for about 3% of all cancers.