Section for Molecular Epidemiology and Infections

The section's activities focus on molecular markers and infections related to the risk of cancer development and early detection, with the aim of improving cancer prevention.
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Our research is based on molecular data from biobanks, epidemiological data from health registries and screening programs, as well as data from questionnaire - and health surveys. Many of our projects are interdisciplinary and involve both epidemiological, molecular biological and clinical competence.

An important topic for our research is HPV-related cancer, and we have several projects on HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening. Another main topic of the section is biomarker research based on biological material from the prospective population-based Janus Serum Bank, and other biobanks. We are also working on facilitating research collaborations between the Cancer Registry and the pharmaceutical industry, and with the development of statistical methods for analysing complex datasets.

Currently, the Section for molecular Epidemiology and Infections includes five senior researchers and seven postdoc and PhD students. The section is responsible for the management of several of the Cancer Registry's biobanks and laboratory facilities, and includes employees in research support, biobank management and laboratory functions.

We work closely with the other sections in the department, and with molecular epidemiological and clinical research environments both nationally and internationally.


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