Last updated: 2020.09.24

Research is among the main aims for the Cancer Registry. Research within this section is based on nation-wide cancer data linked to data from biobanks, health surveys, study cohorts and other registries and the projects range from classical to molecular and clinical epidemiology, targeting primary and secondary cancer prevention.

Since the early 1970s, occupational exposure has been linked to cancer risk, and within this section this is a central field of research. Ongoing are projects focusing on cancer risk among employees in the offshore industry and among firefighters. A rapid growing field of research is how prescribed medical drugs influence cancer risk and prognosis, and we have several ongoing projects investigating such relationships. Moreover, we have projects aiming to identify, develop and validate biomarkers for early cancer detection that also provides knew knowledge about cancer processes. Modifiable lifestyle factors impact the risk of several cancer forms and this is also a part of the research portfolio in this group, whereof smoking, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, physical activity and obesity are key factors.

Per today section for Etiology includes 7 senior researchers and 10 postdoc and PhD-students. The members also contribute considerably in solving other institutional duties, as publishing of the annual report Cancer in Norway, respond to inquiries from the media, clinicians and the population as well as external activities as members of scientific boards, expert groups and committees.