Section for administration and research support

The Section for administration and research support provides high quality and effective research support to researchers at the Registry. The Section also provides administrative assistance to management in the Research Department.
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The Section for administration and research support consists of 12 employees with a varied and broad range of expertise within research administration, data management and statistics. The Section supports a diverse portfolio of research projects across a wide range of disciplines and supports research projects across all stages of the research lifecycle, from project conceptualization and planning, though execution and to completion and archiving.

Within research administration, the Section can offer advice and practical support to researchers regarding research ethics and data protection, industry collaborations, applications for research funding and data access, managing project financing, publishing, knowledge dissemination, and more. With respect to data management and statistics, the Section can offer guidance and practical assistance with data management plans, study design, statistical analysis, cleaning and merging data, and more. The Section supports best research practices in-house and develops and maintains tools to help support researchers with their work.