Departments and reseachers

The Cancer Registry of Norway is a considerable actor within the field of cancer research, and not least registry based research.
Last updated: 11/22/2022

On this page you can read about how the research at the Cancer Registry is divided into different units.

You will also find an overview of all our researchers and research staff.

The research takes place in all parts of the organisation - although most of the reseach is, naturally, done in the Research Department.

Research department

Section for Epidemiology and Prevention

The research projects range from classical epidemiology to molecular and clinical epidemiology. The section's research projects are aimed at primary and secondary cancer prevention.

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Section for Molecular Epidemiology and Infections

The section's activities focus on molecular markers and infections related to the risk of cancer development and early detection, with the goal of improving cancer prevention.

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Section for administration and research support

The section's purpose is to conduct effective research support with high quality, as well as to provide administrative assistance to the department management. The group consists of research advisors, data managers and statisticians.

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Registry departments sections

The Section for Analysis and Research

The section covers two important purposes for the Cancer Registry; information and research. The section produces statistics for the national quality registries, and is also responsible for the production of Cancer in Norway, the Cancer Registry's annual report on the cancer picture in Norway. The group focuses on cancer burden and clinical cancer epidemiology.

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Screening programs

The Cancer Registry is responsible for administration, quality assurance and further development of the organised public screening programmes in the field of cancer. This also involves an extensive degree of research, to improve screening even more. The goal is to find cancer early enough - and avoid harm in the process. As of today, there are two established screening programs in Norway, as well as a program that is being planned.

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Research topics and projects

At the Cancer Registry, research is taking place in a number of areas. An overview of topics and projects can be found here:

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Our research staff

The Cancer Registry has close to 40 researchers, postdoctoral fellows and PhD candidates.

Their academic interests and project areas span a range of fields - from traditional epidemiology to new technology in machine learning, biostatistics and genetics.

Get to know them and their disciplines better here:

Researchers, PhDs, Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Support