Departments and reseachers

The Cancer Registry of Norway is a considerable actor within the field of cancer research, and not least registry based research.
Last updated: 11/16/2020

The research from the Cancer Registry of Norway aims to support important goals, such as contributing to;

  • preventing cancer from occurring
  • detecting cancer sufficiently early
  • a better cancer care

Research is taking place in all parts of our organization. The Cancer Registry of Norway has its own research department, where much of the research activity is concentrated - but there is also extensive research activity in our Registry Department, the screening programs, and in the department for Register Informatics.

The research is to a large extent based on population-based cancer data, linked to biobanks, health surveys, other cohorts / studies and registers. The research projects range from classical epidemiology to molecular and clinical epidemiology.

These are some of the research themes the different departments and sections at the Cancer Registry of Norway focuses on:

Research department


The research projects range from classical epidemiology to molecular and clinical epidemiology. The section's research projects are aimed at primary and secondary cancer prevention.

Read more about the Cancer Registry's etiological cancer research here

HPV-related research

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a very common group of viruses that ultimately can lead to cancer, such as cervical cancer.

The Cancer Registry is involved in a number of studies that aims to increase knowledge about HPV.

See our HPV-projects here

Integrative cancer genomics

The section's goal is to use molecular analyzes on biobank material, as well as  bioinformatics methods to understand cancer development.

This kind of understanding might in turn lead to new knowledge on cancer biomarkers.

Janus Serum Bank

The Janus Serum Bank contains blood samples from 318,628 Norwegians.

The serum bank is a population-based biobank, designated to cancer research. Janus Serum Bank is unique in terms of size and number of samples.

On our Janus pages you will find useful information about the bank.

Registry department

Research on incidence, mortality and survival, as well as social inequalities and quality of life for cancer patients.

Screening programs

The screening programs conducts research on a wast variety of themes within screening. Projects regarding screening includes: