Health and quality of life

Every year, many Norwegians are diagnosed with cancer. Now we want to find out more about how cancer affects quality of life and self-perceived health among those who are affected.

All patients with cancer receive some form of treatment, either surgery and/or radiotherapy, chemotherapy or palliative treatment. Although these treatments improve survival or quality of life, they can also cause harmful complications that can affect life after treatment.

We want to understand more about the extent and burden of such late effects, so that the treatment and cancer care can be even better and more precise.

The population surveys

Through the population-based health survey, the health and quality of life of people both with and without cancer will be surveyed. In this way, we gain knowledge about how common the various late effects are, and who is affected, for example based on the treatment they have received.

It can be very demanding to live with late effects after cancer treatment, and it is important for the patient group that we get an overview of the burden and duration of late effects and how these affect the quality of life. In this way, treatment and follow-up can be even better in the long term.

The research projects

The Population Survey on Prostate Cancer

Research project on health, bowel function and quality of life

Long-term effects of breast cancer treatment

Stress management after breast cancer

Covid-19 and cancerin the Nordic countries

Cardiac catheterization of children with congenital heart defects

Gene activity and testicular cancer