Cancer biomarkers

The Cancer Registry has several current projects focusing on cancer biomarkers. The goal of these projects is to identify, develop and validate biological markers that can be used for early detection and increase knowledge about the mechanisms behind cancer development.

Research projects

Sequencing HPV for biomarker discovery

HPVseq is an cross-institutional research group with three the main goals, To discover HPV biomarkers, delineate HPV evolution and develop HPV detection and characterization methods.

The microbiome as a colorectal cancer screening biomarker

Presence of certain bacteria in the gut are strongly associated with colorectal cancer. This project is a sub-study within the Bowel Cancer Screening in Norway (BCSN) trial that aims to discover gut microbiota biomarkers for colorectal cancer screening.

Small non-coding RNA as early detection cancer biomarkers

Small noncoding RNAs (sncRNA) are involved in numerous cellulary processes in cancer development. We are currently investigating sncRNA as early detection and potential screening biomarkers of cancer.