Research Areas

Occupation and environmental exposure

The Cancer Registry has a long tradition of research on cancer risk among various occupational groups, and since the 1970s, occupational and environmental exposure and cancer risk have been a key research topic at the Cancer Registry.

Cancer biomarkers

The Cancer Registry has several current projects focusing on cancer biomarkers. The goal of these projects is to identify, develop and validate biological markers that can be used for early detection and increase knowledge about the mechanisms behind cancer development.

Medication use and cancer

The Cancer Registry of Norway conducts several research studies focusing on how the use of different medications affects the risk of cancer in the population.

HPV-related research

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common group of viruses that, in the most severe cases, can lead to cancer in the cervix, as well as other organs. The Cancer Registry is involved in several projects that aim to increase knowledge about HPV.

Physical activity and diet

Lifestyle factors such as physical activity and diet have been shown to affect the risk of several cancers. The Cancer Registry has several current projects examining the relationship between fitness and physical activity, diet and cancer risk.