Course of disease in bladder cancer patients

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer among men, and more than half of Patients relapse. In this study, we will look at the course of the disease for patients diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Last updated: 05/01/2021

Background and purpose

The study is based on all bladder cancer patients diagnosed from 1996 to 2016 and describes the further course of illness for these patients after the first bladder cancer diagnosis. This study therefore has a cohort design.

We link data from the Cancer Registry, the Cause of Death Registry and the Norwegian Patient Registry (2008-2016), and in this way we can find out when patients have been diagnosed with bladder cancer for the first time, details about the cancer diagnosis, whether they have received treatment (and which one), how often they have been checked up and what the result was.

We also have the opportunity to investigate whether there is a connection between bladder cancer and other diseases later in life.

An important advantage of this project is increased knowledge about the course of the disease in a bladder cancer diagnosis. This may have direct or indirect consequences for a more personalised treatment or follow-up strategy for bladder cancer patients in the future.

The societal benefit is thus great because the results can lead to a better adapted follow-up and treatment of bladder cancer patients.

Participant information

The project is based on register data, and we will not be in direct contact with the participants. Participation does not imply any active action on the part of the individual patient. Thus, it will not cause any harm or burden to the patients included in the study.

All information is processed without name and national identity number or other directly recognizable information. A code links the individual patient to their information through a list of names.

Only authorised personnel associated with the project have access to the list of names and can find the individual patient.

It will not be possible to identify individuals in the results of the study when these are published. 

Information letter about the right of reservation


1) The primary objective of this sub-project is to evaluate and improve treatment and follow-up of patients with stage T1 bladder cancer in Norway (PhD student: Augun Blindheim).

2) The primary objective of this sub-project is to evaluate and improve treatment and follow-up of patients with muscle-infiltrating bladder cancer in Norway (PhD student: Christina Tanem Møller). Read more about the project here (Only in Norwegian)

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