SVEIP: Effect of School based HPV-vaccination in the population

The project aims to evaluate the effect of the HPV-vaccine by assessing the occurence of HPV in the mouth and vagina.

Published: 09.11.2017, updated: 24.06.2019

Assessing early effects of the HPV-vaccine

The aim of this study is to evaluate the early effects of the school based HPV-vaccination programme in Norway.

The Cancer Registry of Norway is investigating this by comparing occurrence of specific HPV-types among vaccinated and non-vaccinated young women born in 1997.

The women who were born in 1997, and resident in Norway in 2009 (the year that HPV-vaccination of the 1997-kohort was initiated), are among the very first who were offered HPV-vaccination. Thus, they represent a strong basis for population-based research on HPV-vaccination.


About the study

The Cancer Registry of Norway has recruited both vaccinated and non-vaccinated women to assess the prevalence of HPV infection in these groups.

The recruitment occurred during the winter and spring of 2017. Over 300 women were recruited through an advertisement on Facebook, where they could register their contact information.

After registration, the women were each sent a kit containing a leaflet with more information about the project, a consent form and a questionnaire about health and sexual behavior, as well as 2 simple HPV-testing kits that are approved for home use.


Link with Norwegian Immunization Registry

By registering for the study, the participants also consented to allowing the Cancer Registry to gather information about them from the Norwegian Immunization Registry (SYSVAK).

The connection between the name and the participants study identification number is now deleted. This means that participants' HPV-test results, or the answers from the questionnaire, cannot be linked back to the participants name.

Because of this, the participants will not be able to acquire knowledge about their HPV-results. However, they have a right to be informed about the general results of the study.



The study samples have been collected and analyzed. A paper has been written, and sent to a scientific journal for publishing. 


Project affiliations

Cancer Registry of Norway

Espen Enerly, Ragnhild Flingtorp, Kristina Stormo Gjøtterud, Suzanne Campbell, Elisabete Weiderpass, Mari Nygård, Line Ragna Aakre Karlsson and Tor Åge Myklebust. 


External affiliates

Akershus Universitetssykehus: Irene Kraus Christiansen and Mona Hansen


Disclaimer: The Cancer Registry of Norway receives funding from Merck/MSD Norway AS. The funding is used for HPV-related vaccine projects. However, this study is implemented and funded by the Cancer Registry of Norway, and is not included in the collaboration with Merck/MSD Norway AS.