The Cancer Registry collaborates with both national and international entities in relation to the work on the OMOP data model.

International collaborators

The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics program (OHDSI)

The international organization OHDSI (The Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics) leads the development of the OMOP data model and related software. The Cancer Registry participates in working groups related to oncology and registries.

European Health Data & Evidence Network

In Europe, the EHDEN consortium (European Health Data & Evidence Network) is a major driver for OMOP. The Cancer Registry is a data partner in EHDEN and is findable in their catalog of European databases harmonized to OMOP. EHDEN has also contributed funding to the Cancer Registry's OMOP work (OMOP-EHDEN).

Other international collaborators

In addition to formal project-based research collaborations with organizations such as the Netherlands Cancer Registry at IKNL (Blueberry) and the Center for Surgical Sciences at Zealand University Hospital (FLORENCE), we have informal collaborations with other European cancer registries, including the Cancer Registry of Luxembourg, Geneva Cancer Registry, Vaud Cancer Registry, and Geneva Cancer Registry (Switzerland). There is also a formal collaboration with several European institutions through the EU Horizon-project IDEA4RC.

National collaborators

In the spring of 2021, together with Norwegian partners, we established an informal OMOP forum for sharing experiences, insights and discussing aspects of implementing and carrying out research using OMOP in Norway. Participants from the clinical data warehouse at Oslo University Hospital, the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo, the Directorate for e-Health and the Cancer Registry regularly take part in the forum.

In autumn of 2023, we formalized this collaboration as a national node in the European chapter of OHDSI. The national node is open to participation from others who are interested in OMOP in Norway.

How to become a member of the national node

To become a member of the national node, contact Espen Enerly ( or Siri Larønningen (

To access Teams channels for the national node and working groups in the OHDSI network, you must register for an OHDSI Teams user via this form. After you have been assigned a user, you must use this form to register for the Norwegian node (select "Europe" in the chapter menu) and for international working groups you wish to join.