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Cancer drugs

Enerly et al.INSPIRE: INSPIRE: A new opportunity for cancer pharmacoepidemiology research, Norwegian Epidemiologists 2021;29(1-2): 29-33.

Background: The information available to the Cancer Registry of Norway on surgery and radiotherapy is highly complete, but information on drug cancer treatment has been inadequate. The INSPIRE project was initiated to automatically and electronically collect data on cancer medication from the hospitals' systems for the Cancer Registry of Norway and is a unique collaboration between 12 pharmaceutical companies, the pharmaceutical industry (LMI), the Norwegian Cancer Society, Inven2, the Cancer Registry of Norway and the regional health authorities.

Main findings: The project has shown that it is possible to collect information about drug cancer treatment for the Cancer Registry. The first data that will be available for further use will be on lung cancer, then breast cancer before other cancers will follow suit. 

The significance and transfer value of the study: Data from the project are an integral part of the Cancer Registry's data collection and can be handed over to research etc. in the same way as other data in the Cancer Registry. This provides completely new opportunities for research and quality assurance of patient treatment with cancer drugs in the Norway future.