INSPIRE:kidney cancer

INSPIRE:kidney cancer is the third project in INSPIRE. The project will ensure continuous and regular data collection in the future,and publish the first analyses on drug kidney cancer treatment.
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Kidney cancer is the third cancer diagnosis in which the INSPIRE project  links drug cancer treatment with diagnostic data and other treatment data in the Cancer Registry.

The project works closely with all parties in the project and the analysis council, to provide an overview of the course of treatment for kidney cancer. The project runs through 2022.

Kidney cancer is one of the types of cancer for which it is not affiliated with a quality registry. This means that there is somewhat less information about assessment, follow-up and treatment than for other types of cancer.

In INSPIRE, data is collected for all cancers.

The purpose of INSPIRE:kidney cancer is to find out how we should process and prepare drug data for data dispensing for cancers without a quality registry.

Project documents

Contact your project manager for access to the project documents.

  • Business case
  • Governance document
  • Mandate of the Steering Group
  • Communication guidelines
  • Mandate of the Analysis Council
  • Template for agreement with the parties


  • Steering group: Representation from all parties and chaired by the director of the Cancer Registry of Norway
  • Sub-board: LMI and participating companies
  • Project group: The Cancer Registry of Norway
  • Analysis advice: Representation from all parties in the project, FHI, SLV, NPR, hospital procurement and clinicians in the field

Private - public - voluntary cooperation

INSPIRE:kidney cancer is a collaboration between 4 pharmaceutical companies (see list on the right), the Norwegian Cancer Society, Invent2, LMI, the regional health authorities and the Cancer Registry of Norway.


INSPIRE:Kidney cancer is complete. Report with results on drug cancer treatment for kidney cancer was published 23.03.2023.

Download the report INSPIRE: Kidney cancer