INSPIRE - information about drug cancer treatment

The Cancer Registry of Norway now has information on drug cancer treatment, thanks to the INSPIRE project. There are data from both drug cancer treatment given in hospitals and drugs given on H-prescription.

Which types of cancer have data about drug cancer treatment in the Cancer Registry?

The first two Inspire projects collected, quality assured, and processed drug cancer treatment data for lung and breast cancer patients (see INSPIRE:lung cancer and INSPIRE:breast cancer (Norwegian only)). There are some cancers that are not affiliated with a quality registry, e.g. kidney cancer. Therefore, INSPIRE:Kidney cancer (Norwegian only) became the third Inspire project.  It focused on investigating how to process drug data for cancer types without quality registries.

Systemic anti-cancer treatment (SACT) is now regularly collected and processed and available from all cancer patients, regardless of the type of cancer they have. The treatment is linked to the patient and not directly to the specific disease case.

Treatment administered in hospitals is available from throughout the country except from the Northern Regional Health Authority. There is some variation between regions in terms of what is available prior to 2019. Prescribed treatment is available from 2019 with nationwide coverage. 

What data is collected and what are any limitations?

The data collected on drug cancer treatment, completeness, limitations, etc. are described in the report from INSPIRE:lung cancer (and the INSPIRE:breast cancer report) and on the Cancer Registry's website metadata (information about the variables). The list below provides more detailed references to the various topics.

How do you access data?

Application for disclosure of data on drug cancer treatment, see 

Counseling and help

If you need advice in connection with data on drug cancer treatment, what data you can apply, application, etc., contact the Data Delivery Unit.

If you need advice in connection with research projects and possible cooperation with the Cancer Registry, related to drug cancer treatment, please contact Espen Enerly.

Publications from INSPIRE

Using data from INSPIRE, one can refer to:

INSPIRE: A new opportunity for cancer pharmacoepidemiology research. Enerly, E., Holmstrøm, L., Skog, A., Knudsen, K. O., Nygård, J. F., Møller, B., & Ursin, G. (2021). INSPIRE: A new opportunity for cancer pharmacoepidemiology research. Norwegian Epidemiology29(1-2).

INSPIRE is a collaboration between the public, private and voluntary sectors.


INSPIRE:kidney cancer

INSPIRE:kidney cancer is the third project in INSPIRE. The project will ensure continuous and regular data collection in the future,and publish the first analyses on drug kidney cancer treatment.

INSPIRE: Breast cancer

INSPIRE:breast cancer is the second project in INSPIRE. The project will ensure continuous and regular data collection in the future, and publish the first analyses on medical breast cancer treatment.

INSPIRE:lung cancer

INSPIRE:lung cancer was the first INSPIRE project and established data collection on drug cancer treatment from the health trusts to the Cancer Registry of Norway. The report from INSPIRE:lung cancer showed for the first time what drug treatment lung cancer patients receive in Norway. From April 2021, the Quality Registry for Lung Cancer follows up medical treatment of lung cancer in its annual reports.