Fight HPV and Cervical Cancer

The mobile application FightHPV is an educational game developed to provide information about main topics related to HPV.

Published: 23.05.2017, updated: 20.09.2017

The project’s aim is to develop a mobile game and evaluate whether social nudging through gamification can boost attendance to cervical cancer screening.

The project started in April 2015 and the app was launched second quarter of 2017.

Cervical cancer can to a large extend be prevented through vaccination and by attending regular cervical cancer screening. However, many women do not attend regular screening and the general knowledge about the main cause for this cancer, the human papillomavirus (HPV), is quite low in the population.

By creating the mobile game 'FightHPV' we strive to help people understand what HPV is, what it is capable of, and how to prevent it.   


Use your phone to fight back for your health

The mobile application FightHPV is an educational game developed to provide information about main topics related to HPV. FightHPV consists of six episodes of ten levels each. Each episode describe one aspect related to HPV.

Episode 1 focus on epithelial cells, -the only cell type in your body that the virus are able to infect, while episodes 2 and 3 focus on low, - and high risk HPV, respectively. The final three episodes 4, 5 and 6, sheds light on prevention, vaccination and screening.

Each level starts with a short info text before the player commence to solve an increasingly more complex puzzle. Standard gamification elements such as achievements and leader board are included to increase user engagement. 


Easy access

FightHPV is available on Google Play for Android platforms and iTunes for iOS platforms. 

FightHPV encourage the player to share lessons learned from the game by spreading the word about HPV and nudge other people to learn more about the virus.

Easy access and nudging facilitate reaching the main target group of women that should attend cervical cancer screening, i.e. women from 25 to 69 years of age.  

Study enrolment

FightHPV includes an option for Norwegian residents to enrol in the research study. Intent candidates should make use of the in-game alternative to enrol through a secure website. 

A control group to the enrolled women will consist of comparable women that have never played FightHPV. 

Project affiliations

Norwegian Cancer Registry

Tomás Ruiz-Lopez, Giske Ursin, Sagar Sen, Ameli Tropé, Jan Nygård, Suzanne Campbell, Kristina Schee, Ragnhild Flingtorp, Elisabeth Jakobsen, Maarit Leinonen, Inger Louise Bones and Mari Nygård

External affiliates

Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Philip Castle
University of Iceland: Laufey Tryggvadottir
Icelandic Cancer Society: Kristján Oddsson
Simula Research Laboratory: Michael Riegler