Key Representatives

Overview of key representatives in Gastronet. Here you can find names and affiliation of the coordinator, representatives in the steering committee, and international partners.

Key representatives
Host institution:
Telemark Hospital in collaboration with the Cancer Registry of Norway
Professor Geir Hoff, Md, PhD, Telemark Hospital/ Cancer Registry of Norway/University of Oslo
#Gastronet steering committee:

  • Geir Hoff (chair), MD PhD, Telemark Hospital, Skien
  • Tomm Bernklev,  MSci  PhD, Telemark Hospital, Skien
  • Michael Bretthauer, MD PhD, University of Oslo
  • Siv Furholm, RN, University of Oslo
  • Tom Glomsaker, MD PhD, Stavanger University Hospital, Stavanger
  • Ralph Herter,MD, Helse Nordmøre & Romsdal, Kristiansund
  • Øyvind Holme, MD, Sørlandet Hospital, Kristiansand
  • Anita Jørgensen, RN, Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo
  • Thomas deLange, MD PhD, Vestre Viken Hospital, Bærum
  • Mathis Heibert, MD, Namsos Hospital, Namsos
  • Birgitte Seip, MD PhD, Vestfold Hospital, Tønsberg
  • Lars Aabakken, MD PhD, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo

International partners in Gastronet:

  • Professor Jaroslaw Regula, MD, PhD, Institute of Oncology, Warzaw, Poland
  • Professor Ernst Kuipers, MD, PhD, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, the Nederlands
  • Professor Lars Påhlman, MD, PhD, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden
  • Dr. Marcus Leja, MD, PhD, Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia
  • Dr. Tryggvi Stefansson, MD, PhD, Reykjavik University Hospital, Iceland

#Gastronet is financed entirely as a national quality register for Norway and members of the steering committee are recruited from Norwegian endoscopy centres, but international collaboration and participation in Gastronet is encouraged. Representatives from other countries may also attend the annual Gastronet general assembly for all hospital representatives (meetings held primarily in Norwegian).