Annual meeting with the professional reference group

Every year, the Cancer Registry of Norway arranges a meeting to present new results in the project, and discuss them and the way forward with the professional reference group. Stami will also present results at this meeting.

Annual meeting with the reference group 2023

The annual meeting with the reference group for the project "cancer risk among firefighters" was held on 01 February at the Cancer Registry. Representatives from Stami, Firefighters Against Cancer, the Norwegian Union of Trade Unions, OBRE, the Norwegian Cancer Society, the Labour Inspection Authority and the Fire Services Professional Association were all present.

At the meeting, the latest results from Stami's project were discussed, which found, among other things, a definite increase in the concentration of a metabolite of benzene and a marker of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the urine of a group of 205 firefighters 6 hours after work related to fire.

In addition, there were good discussions about exposure conditions among firefighters, and the Cancer Registry's work on occupational exposure and the risk of urinary tract and prostate cancer among firefighters.

The way forward for the Cancer Registry of Norway and Stami in the project includes an expansion of the cohort to include more fire services, as well as publication of exposure articles. Stami will also further examine the existing urine and blood samples for knowledge of several PAH metabolites.

From left, behind: Tina Sture (Cancer Registry), Ingvild Berg (Cancer Society), Dag Skaseth (Fagforbundet), Tom K. Grimsrud (Cancer Registry), Tommy Kristoffersen (Brennmenn mot kreft), Bergljot Fuhr Lunde (LO). From left, front: Niki Marjerrison, Kristina Kjærheim (Cancer Registry), Raymond Olsen (Stami), Torkjell Helle (Firefighters against cancer) and Sissel Strømme Planting (OBRE). 

Participants on Teams: Astrid Lund Ramstad (Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority) and Trond Busterud (Fire Service Professional Association)

Annual meeting with the reference group 2020

On 29 January 2020, the project group in Cancer risk among firefighters had an annual meeting with the reference group in the project. STAMI and the Cancer Registry of Norway went through the past year and further work. The Cancer Registry of Norway has worked to complete the list of all persons who have been firefighters in the participating agencies dating back from the 1950s/60s until today. They are now working on the latest quality assurance of the data. STAMI has collected urine samples from firefighters in connection with real fires and practice fires in the project. There have also been 3 practice fires in houses and 4 practice fires in vehicles with measurements, as well as measurements during a post-extinguishing and washing of equipment at the fire station. STAMI is well underway with the analyses. An exposure report from STAMI will be completed during 2020.

Participants present:

Kristina Kjærheim (senior consultant, KRG), Ronnie Babigumira (data manager, KRG), Marie Danielsen (research assistant, KRG), Jarle Jacobsen (PhD, KRG), Niki Marjerrison (PhD, KRG), Ingunn Sivertsen (special consultant, KRG), Raymond Olsen (researcher, STAMI), Cecilie Rosting (postdoctoral fellow, STAMI), Karl Nordby (department director, STAMI), Dag Skaseth (Fagforbundet), Torgeir Holm (Fagforbundet), Cecilie Sjåland (LO), Trond Busterud (Brannforbundet), Terje Sørensen (Firefighters against cancer, poses for Tommy Kristoffersen), Ole Andre Olsvik (Firefighters against cancer, poses for Torkjell Helle), Rune Kristiansen (Bergen Fire Department/DNMF, standing for Lasse Vestby)

Annual meeting with the reference group 2019

On 17 January 2019, the project group in Cancer risk among firefighters had an annual meeting with the reference group in the project.

We went through the past year, where both the Cancer Registry of Norway and STAMI could tell of exciting progress. There are now 18 agencies involved in the project, where Ålesund became our newest addition in November 2018. All agencies are now working hard to register their smoke-diving full-time firefighters so that research can later be conducted on exposure hazards for each individual, and at each agency. Work is also underway on the work mapping, which will soon be completed by most agencies.

STAMI is well underway with measurements before, during and after practice fires. Participation in several practice fires is planned in 2019 to collect samples and make measurements by smoke diving. Several investigations are also being carried out on washing routines at the fire services, including wool jerseys and fire caps.

 From left: Tommy Kristoffersen (Firefighters against cancer), Sindre Wiers (The Machinists' Association – standing for Lasse Vestby), Nils Kristiansen (retired OBRE – running for Einar Bakkevig), Ronnie Babigumira (data manager, Cancer Registry), Torkjell Helle (Firefighters against cancer), Tom K Grimsrud (senior consultant, Cancer Registry), Cecilie Sjåland (LO), Dag Skarseth (Fagforbundet), Kristina Kjærheim (deputy head of the Research Department/senior consultant, Cancer Registry), Marie Danielsen (research assistant, Cancer Registry), Cecilie Rosting (postdoctoral fellow, STAMI), Raymond Olsen (researcher, STAMI), Lill Thorsen (Norwegian Cancer Society) Karl Nordby (department director, STAMI).