The TREASURE-HPV Biobank is a comprehensive research biobank containing biological samples from individuals who have participated in various HPV-related research studies conducted by Kreftregisteret. These individuals have given their consent for the storage and further utilization of their biological material for research purposes.
  • The TREASURE-HPV Biobank has been approved by the Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REK, reference 2014/667). Overlege Mari Nygård is responsible for the biobank, which was previously known as the SESAM Biobank. The data controller is Kreftregisteret, represented by CEO Giske Ursin.

    The primary purpose of this general biobank is research on cancer, human papillomavirus (HPV), and other infections that can lead to cancer. The biobank has no time limit. In order for a research project to use material from the TREASURE-HPV Biobank, approval must be obtained from the Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REK) and the owners of the biobank.

    Consent and Privacy

    Participants have provided written consent for their samples to be stored in the TREASURE-HPV Biobank and used for future cancer research. The themes for future research on biobank materials must be covered by participants' consent. Participants are not given feedback on research results from the biobank.

    Participants can withdraw their consent for their sample to be stored in the biobank at any time, without needing to provide a reason. If consent is withdrawn, research on the individual's biological material will cease. The sample will be destroyed, and the individual's information will be deleted from the biobank to prevent its use in future studies. Withdrawal of consent does not have retrospective effect, so if the sample has already been used in published scientific work, the results of the sample will not be erased from that work. If you have provided consent and wish to withdraw it or have any questions, you are encouraged to contact Mari Nygård via email:

    Participant privacy within the biobank is highly protected. To preserve participants' identities, a unique sequential number is assigned to mark the samples. The link between the sequential number and participants' personally identifiable information is stored in a secure area within Kreftregisteret's data disclosure unit and is accessible only to a limited number of employees who are bound by confidentiality.

    It will not be possible to identify individuals from the results published.


    Below is an overview of projects that have contributed material to the TREASURE-HPV Biobank. Click on the project title for more information about the specific project.