Sample and data prices

Janus Serum Bank charges external projects for the use of serum samples and data. The prices are calculated based on the costs of research support, samples, and data management.

Published 09.05.2018

Prices as of 09.05.2018

The user payment includes a fixed standard fee, as well as sample and data management/ processing fees.

Standard fee

The standard fee is NOK 50.000 (excl. VAT) per project, and covers, among others, the following elements:

  • Processing of serum applications to the Janus Serum Bank
  • Scientific support in setting up the research protocol (study design, criteria for selection of study population)
  • Research administration (application to Regional Ethics Committee, application to the Cancer Registry of Norway’s Data Delivery Unit, and potential other data sources)
  • Costs relating to management of data delivery from the Cancer Registry

Sample fee

The sample fee is a combination of a serum volume dependent price, and labour costs (see table below). Shipment costs are charged separately.

Serum volume

Price incl. labour costs* (excl. VAT)

≤ 100 μl

NOK 200

100-150 μl

NOK 225

151-300 μl

NOK 250

301-400 μl

NOK 300

*Labour costs (sample picking, pipetting and material costs) is per 25.04.2018 estimated to NOK 50,- per sample


Data management

The hourly rate for data management is NOK 900 (excl. VAT). The workload is estimated to 30-50 hours per project, depending on the complexity.

Data management includes:

  • Linkages to the Cancer Registry of Norway for identification of study population (selection of specific cancer diagnoses and healthy controls)
  • Linking of project specific covariates
  • Compiling the final research file
  • Quality assurance and documentation