Cancer Statistics

The Janus register is annually linked to the Cancer Registry to identify new cancer cases among the donors.
Last updated: 2/9/2021

Updatet March 6 2020

The Janus repository contains samples from 318 628 donors.  As of December 31st 2018, 101 738 cancer cases are registered among the Janus donors.  

Cancer statistics

Number of cancer cases 

Here can an overview of the number of cancer cases by disease and gender be downloaded. The follow-up is from 1953-2016. 

Number of cancer cases by disease and gender 1953-2018 (pdf)


Time from sample collection to cancer diagnosis

 Through linkages between the Janus Serum Bank cohort and the Cancer Registry of Norway, we can estimate the lag time between the date of blood draw and the date of a cancer diagnosis. The figure and table below shows this lag time for the five most common cancer forms in Janus Serum Bank. Only the first registered cancer diagnosis is included. 





Most common cancer types

Here is  the most common cancer types in the Janus Serum Bank: