small non-coding rna forum

Welcome to the small-non-coding RNA forum at the Cancer Registry of Norway.  Our aim is to gather researchers interested in small noncoding RNAs in the Oslo area to seminars and discussions covering all aspects of noncoding RNA research.


Last update: 09.03.2018

We will invite you to informal meetings approximately 4 times a year. Each meeting will include 1-2 presentations followed by a discussion. A mailing list has been created with the purpose of sharing information about topics and dates for the meetings.

If you are interested in participating, please send your email address to or and your name will be put on the mailing list. Also feel free to circulate to anyone else you think could be interested.

Directions to the Cancer Registry:

The Cancer Registry is located at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, close to the Radium hospital, and in the same building as Ullern High School. Use entrance 2A, walk straight until you get an entrance to a stair-well on your right marked with yellow. Go up to the 4th floor, register at the reception and someone will come and meet you. 


Ullernschaussen 64

0379 Oslo


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Previous events: 


15th of June, 11.30

Cancer Registry, 4th floor

We had two presentations at this meeting. First presentation by Evita Lindholm

"The Neoadjuvant Avastin in Breast Cancer (NeoAva) Study: Molecular responses at the miRNA level"

and the second presentation by Ann-Rita Halvorsen "Circulating microRNAs; challenges and opportunities"


09th of March

Cancer Registry, 4th floor

Presentation by Jamie Abraham Castro Mondragón

"Prioritizing cancer driver mutations in miRNA genes"

and presentation by Sinan Ugur Umu "Avoidance of crosstalk RNA interactions in prokaryotes"



15th of December

Cancer Registry, 4th floor

Presentation by Miriam Ragle Aure 

"Integrated analyses to assess the role of miRNAs in breast cancer"


15th of September 

Cancer Registry, 4th floor

Presentation by Trine Rounge

"What can modify small non-coding RNA expression in healthy humans?"

Project link


16th of June

Cancer Registry, 4th floor

Presentation by Bastian Fromm

"Ten simple rules for the annotation of microRNAs"


24th of March

Cancer Registry

Startup meeting